culture is the main thing that enables the employees to maintain a sense of
unity within the workplace and cultivate a sense of commitment as well as
belonging towards the corporation. The culture of an organization is the key
towards understanding an organization because it represents the direction which
a workplace ought to take in times of decision making. In this case, the
organizational culture is adhocracy culture because both the Finnish as well as
the Swiss teams are making their contribution and presenting their ideas in the
most innovative way. They spent months in internal discussions and internal
quarrels until the action had to be taken by the headquarters. The
organizational culture is not friendly and is rather competitive. There is no
inclusivity in the workplace because of which both the teams could not find a
common ground to negotiate with each other. This is why the project even got
delayed three months. 

Answer 2

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A work
break down structure is the best tool for a project manager to use in order to
plan their work tasks effectively in a limited time. All the activities of the
project, in a work break down structure are categorized according to their time
frame as well as expense. The primary purpose behind using a WBS is to diminish
complicated tasks as well as activities into easy work tasks which complete on
time. There were time as well as logistical constraints in the project but due
to internal quarrelling and lack of decisive steps, the project got delayed.

Thus when the project manager checked the work breakdown structure developed by
the team did not find the whole set of activities related to manufacturing
handover. Thus the tasks were not mentioned in the WBS which led to delay in
the project (Norman, et al., 2010).





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