LEADERSHIP IN TECHNOLOGY

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Leadership is both an exploration region and a reasonable competence enveloping the capacity of an individual or association to “lead” or guide different people, groups, or whole associations. Leadership also defined as the trust between the followers and the leaders for achieving the common goal. Leadership is both art and science because, art is human skills, creative power, declaration, transmission, emotions and science is the way toward seeing how situation functions through perception and experimentation. A suitable leader knows when the time has come to change shape since he is profoundly mindful of everyone around him. Leadership is both rational and emotion because it is based on situation of the humans. Leadership myth is about leaders work smarter, not harder. Genuine leaders lead by example, they are first in and last out, they are completely put resources into the vision of their endeavors and, through demonstrating their devotion, they come to individuals around them to demonstrate a similar sort of duty and show similar practices. Women are taking more leadership roles than before because most of the society become the equality between men and women. The interactional framework illustrate leadership as three portions namely the leader, the follower, the situation.

In my personal experience, I lead as a leader for sports team during school days which has team members with full support. In every situation we should focus on given game and maintain the game stargies and understand. To become a leader one should be honest, confident, inspire, focus and positive with the followers in team. I have the maintained the qualities successfully and lead our group throughout whole two years.