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  Research continues on the development
in which humans can enhance and prolong the process of memory. This term refers
to the ability to selectivity store valid information while given limited
cognitive capacity. One must set a blind side to the excess information that is
not needed. The brain initially will overcome three main stages: encoding,
storage and retrieving the information upon your request. This process will eternally
be the focus of research among cognitive psychologists. Studies have been
conducted many times using different learning strategies, for the search to the
answer of the most challenging question, which is ways to enrich human memory
eternally and more efficiently. One of the variables that have been studied in
regards to the operation is color. We live a world that is extensively
revolving around colors, through the portrayal of fashion, advertisements and
the use of full color spectrums such as the Internet. Physiologists continue to
investigate the relationship between arousal and memory retrieval. And is known
to increases memory retrieval………


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