1. type must be chosen. 3. Suitability

1.  Introduction

In this report I am discussing the factors influencing the
choice of programming and these factors that influence the choice of
programming are:

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Organisational Policy

Suitability of features and tools

Availability of trained staff


Development and Maintenance Costs



2.  Organisational


Organisational policy is one of the factors when considering
choosing a programming language. For hardware and software to be provided, some
organisations use specific companies this means they will need to select a
programming language with their system that is compatible. What type of
language for programming they need to use for example: procedural,
object-oriented and event-driven may be stated in a policy. For that reason a language
that is fulfilling the requirements of the language type must be chosen.  

3.  Suitability
of features and tools


4.  Availability
of trained staff

While picking a programming language, an association ought
to consider what past encounters the workers have with programming and if there
is a typical language that they all know how to utilize. They ought to likewise
consider the aptitude level of every individual from the group and whether they
can build up their expertise level for the language to be utilized. On the off
chance that the association is chipping away at a task where they need to build
up another framework and the association needs to recruit a specialist, the
association ought to pick a language that is more normally utilized as it is
more probable that there will be more experienced developers in that language.


5.  Reliability

Certain programming languages have features that enable the
software engineer to enhance the reliability of their program. This can be on
account of the programming language has consolidated features of the diverse
programming paradigms or components particular to the programming language, for
example, a debugger and the editor which distinguishes mistakes and prevents
any crashes occurring in the program.


6.  Development
and maintenance costs

At the point when persistently utilizing a programming language,
the organization needs to consider the improvement and upkeep expenses of the software.
They have to consider how much the software permit is and to what extent they
will utilize the software for. A few languages are anything but difficult to
create and keep up but on the other hand are cheap.


7.  Expandability

Expandability is key while picking a programming language.
The organization needs to pick a language that is effortlessly expandable and
enables the software engineers to make a program that can maintain different
clients without crashing. Some programming languages are more expandable than
others and have features that can strengthen the bigger systems that might be programmed.