1) pictures of the bear and lay

1) Shoot or trap the bear and make sure it is dead.2) Take pictures of the bear and lay out a tarp to keep the animal clean.3) Flip the bear on its back in the middle of the tarp.4) Carefully cut open the belly from tail to throat, and cut up the inside of all four legs, to the pads. Typically you can find these lines by looking for the place where the hair starts to go in different directions. Be aware of the gender qualities of the bear because in most states you are required to leave them attached to the hide.5) As you make your way to the pads of the feet, make sure to leave the claws attached. So cut up to the edge of where the hairline ends. Try to skin everything off of the paws as possible. Now isolate the claws from the toe bones.6) Skin around all legs, feet and back, and up to the head as you take a skinning knife and swipe from the backside of the hide and carefully separate the hide away from the flesh.7) Be careful around the ears, eyes, and lips because it gets really tricky to skin these parts.8) Flip ears inside out as you go so you can skin them.9) Around the eyes get really tight as you come from the backside. Put two fingers in the eye sockets from the fur side in so you have a grasp on where you are cutting. Now thoroughly cut through the membrane and around the eyes trying to get really close to the skull as available.10) Now cut through the cheek tissue to open up the teeth, but leave the gums. Pull the lip tissue away from the gums that is next to the jaw bone. Make sure to leave lots of inner lip tissue on the hide.11) Keep cutting down the nose until you reach the cartilage while trying to separate the skull from the hide.12) Flush and salt the entire hide.13) Take hide and put it over a log and get all the final chunks of meat that was left in the skinning process off of the hide.14) Salt it well and rub lots of salt in the hide and pads so it does not spoil.15)Make sure you have all of the meat to make sure there is no waste.16) Take the meat and put it in game bags and hang it for 2-5 days in a cool environment before you process it.17) Process the meat and then quickly put it in a freezer.18) It will take an average of 2-3 hours to skin a good size bear in order to get it cleaned up.