1) not easy to deal with chat

1)      Identify
the limitations or problems of Kansei Eng,/Affective computing? Do you think
limitations can overcome?


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Nowadays, KES projects
are used in specific format that means they are project-specific and cannot be
used in other contexts easily.

KES projects
development is costly as it takes much time for completion.

For each product we
have to develop a new set of words and questions.

By using KE we can
measure only instant impressions.

It works on only
predefined products components.  The
revision on component structure is not encouraged by current methods.

To overcome the
shortcomings and to explore the presumably unlimited possibilities of Kansei
Design, I think there is need to take into account the manifold research
results from neighboring disciplines like sociology or physiology and to widen
the factors taken into account impacting on Kansei.



2) Mention methods that can be used to
capture the Affective data?

Various methods to calculate affective
computing are as follows:

can compute this by using Non-Verbal Instruments.

This include the instruments that
measures Expressive or Physiological Components. Here each emotion is
associated with a particular Pattern of expression.

Verbal Instruments to
compute affective computing:

By using this we overcome limitations of
Non-Verbal by verbal self-report instruments, which assess the subjective
feeling component of emotions.


3) Why chat programs are being used on
web? How chat programs might be useful? What are limitations? Use at least one
example or commercial used product.

Chat programming involves a real time
transmission of text messages from sender to receiver. Chat programs consist of
textual methods which are helpful in conversation between a sender and
receiver. These programs are designed to simulate how a human would behave as a
conversational pattern by using different tests E.g. Turing test.


This programs cannot fully replace
humans, but they should complement each other. Sometimes GUIs are not so easy
to understand and when the chat program logic gets more complex. It is not easy
to deal with chat programs as their methods and logics are not easy to

Now days, ChatBot is effectively used
computer program which includes a human at one side.