1. Hall I had to force myself

1.      Flexible / Adaptable

WHAT: Being
able to change thought processes and logic depending on current mission or

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WHY: Being
adaptable in my mind is crucial for success in any aspect. In order to succeed,
sometimes changing as a person is required. If not adaptable / flexible, I tend
to hold on to potentially negative or weak thoughts and ideas.

HOW: For a
long time I have invested (in stocks / crypto) very independently from other
sources or people. I tend to develop successful trading and financial
strategies and stick with them, not being influenced by friends / family. Once I
became Treasurer for McDonel Hall I had to force myself to change my financial
thought processes. I’m responsible for allocating funds to improve the
experiences of over 1,000 residents, so a change of mindset to focus more on
communal benefit instead of individual gain was required. I focused on spending
funds to help others instead of simply saving it, like to re-invest later. That
is exactly what I did throughout the first week of the semester, and I’d like
to think I have been successful so far; as our hall government has operated
smoothly and within our set budget thus far.

2.      Disciplined

Doing an activity or task that normally is difficult or tedious multiple times
with consistency.  Following through on procedures
without fail.

Many tasks and challenges can be completed successfully if disciplined. For
example, you can have the best exercise equipment and diet plan but If you are
not disciplined enough to consistently work hard enough / stick to a diet you
will not improve. Self-discipline creates habits whereas motivation comes and

After getting denied my first time applying to the Broad School, I was
determined to change my work ethic and behavioral tactics. That all started
with improvements on discipline. My motivation came and went, but after
developing great study/sleep habits formed through sheer discipline, my GPA
drastically improved. I forced myself to develop better habits. As a result I
got accepted my 2nd time around, which I’m convinced was partially
due to my discipline regarding schoolwork and advising.

3.      Dependable

reliably operating with consistency and mutual trust.

Being dependable is crucial when working for and with others. A dependable
person doesn’t let others down when the going gets tough. He or she operates
with independence and is focused on consistency and autonomy. If someone is not
dependable he or she will receive little trust from others, given past
performance of not being dependable.

Coming to work every day on time, and being ‘present’ during the past three
summers as a camp counselor. This included never taking a sick day or being
absent unexpectedly and bringing my group of campers to each activity on time,
in the right location, multiple times a day.

4.      Team Player

Someone who puts their team or organization above their own personal interests.
Someone who is compatible with others and is open to new ideas and beliefs.

Being a team player is crucial to the success of your organization’s goals.
Being a team player means you can listen to others to understand different
ideas and points of view openly. If someone is not a team player, he or she
will limit the potential of the team, and hinder their success. Also team
players work as problem solvers. They know that they can accomplish bigger and
better things with others rather than alone, and are therefore needed in any
business or organization.

Throughout numerous group projects I’ve always tried to be a team player. For
example, during my final Biology project last semester, I catered to my
teammates, knowing that they all lived in Brody and I was on the other side of
the campus in McDonel. We met in Brody. I genuinely cared about my team and our
success. I was open to new Ideas; even ones that I personally thought went
great, I supported them and improved upon them anyway without really being
asked to do so. Because that is what I think a good team player is all about, supporting
others with genuine interest and commitment to work towards a greater goal.

5.      Energetic

having the capacity to do mental and physical activity for extended amounts of
time. It means being mentally and physically quick, without fatigue.

Being energetic helps us operate and function with authority. You can be the
smartest person in the world but if you don’t have any energy, nothing gets
accomplished. If you have no energy, even the best of us fail to do strenuous

on a physical level, biking 50 or 60 miles a day is doable for me (given the
right equipment). Mentally, supervising ten 5-7 year olds for eight hours every
day as a camp counselor was mentally tiring, but I had to remain energetic to
ensure they were safe and having a fun time at summer camp. I often had more
energy than they did. Being energetic usually comes easily to me.