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Windows 10 Action Center – use it like a pro

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Windows 10 Action Center is a handy tool. Besides providing fast access to some of the most frequently used settings, the Windows 10 Action Center also provide you with constant notifications that you will have to manage over time. Today we’re going to take a look at the main features and functions of this part of Windows 10.

Windows 10 Action Center first glimpse

It might be a good idea to let you know that we did all the operations in this short tutorial on the last version of Windows 10 to be available. You access the Action Center by looking for the dialog box shaped button on the task bar.

Windows 10 Action Center – use it like a pro 1

The bottom end of the app houses the main settings. You can use to adjust your windows experience. Clicking on any of these bottom buttons will lead you straight to the options of that particular setting. The bottom end is simple enough. Things tend to get a little hairy when you try to make sense of the upper end.  All the notifications that are of importance for you are displayed here. Some users want to either turn off these notifications or prioritize them in a way that makes sense for their needs.

Make it simple

In order to make notifications less naggy, you can go to the “all settings” shortcut button and then go to System. There you will find a “Notifications and actions” menu you can use.

Windows 10 Action Center – use it like a pro 2

Windows 10 Action Center – use it like a pro 3

If you got here, just switch on or off the notifications you need or want. If this is still not enough for you, next time you open the Windows 10 Action Center just click the “X” sign that appears next to each individual notification and get rid of it.

Get to the bottom of things

Sometimes, the shortcut experience provided by the Windows 10 Action Center might just be far from fitting your needs. In this case, you can tinker with the shortcuts that the app displays on the bottom of the screen. Go to the “all settings” button on the action center and select “system” and “notifications and actions” again. Click “add or remove actions” and you will get to a menu allowing you to enable or disable quick actions.

Windows 10 Action Center – use it like a pro 4

Now that you have the basics, it’s time to make the best of your knowledge and experience the best Windows 10 you can. You can also read more about experiencing a better Windows.