Google Chrome – speed up your Windows browser!

If you’re reading this it means that you’ve been using Google Chrome for some time. This usually results in Google Chrome working slower. There are a number of reasons why that happens but there are also a number of easy quick solutions. We’ll visit 4 of them today.

Delete the Google Chrome data that is slowing your browser down

Most of us forget to clear browsing data. And even though you might spy on your significant other’s interest by accessing history, this will damage both your relationship and have an impact on your browser’s speed. So get rid of the unwanted history. You do this by accessing the “hamburger” button built in the top right corner of your Google Chrome window and selecting history.

google chrome speed up windows 1

In the next window, click „clear browsing data” and make the appropriate selections (select the period you want to be deleted, as well as what part of history you want removed). You can opt for keeping saved passwords. Don’t forget to click “clear browsing data” when finished.

google chrome speed up windows 2

google chrome speed up windows 3

Image disable

If you’re not that keen on graphic content, you can disable browsing images altogether. This will make your Google Chrome faster because the software will not sped those extra precious seconds loading images. To do this, go to that handy “hamburger” button again, choose settings and scroll down until you find and check „Do not show any images.”

google chrome speed up windows 4

Try to add the Data Saver extention

Go to the Google Chrome web store and install the „Data Server extension”. The app reduces a lot of data usage because it helps Chrome compress pages by using google servers. The software does all the work so, after you install it, the extension will work fine.

google chrome speed up windows 5

Use the prediction service

If you want to open web pages a lot faster, it might be a good idea to use the built in network action prediction service in Goggle Chrome. This will help your browser sail faster by turning the pages you don’t visit into cache. Just go to “Settings”, “Show advanced options” and check the “Use a prediction service” option.

google chrome speed up windows 6

Now that your Google Chrome is flying better than ever, you might want to take the trouble to install an antivirus that will keep you out of trouble.