PowerPoint not responding? Check out these fixes

PowerPoint not responding is not such a big deal really. To start with, it’s important to say that this particular error will not set your progress back for long. This is because we have composed a list of solutions to “slide” your way out of trouble.

PowerPoint not responding. But why?

Microsoft is making your PowerPoint better and better. So you should not threat that this error will occur often. However, if it does happen, these are a number of usual suspects. PowerPoint might just be broken by a corrupt installation file. Other times, your Windows 10 antivirus might interfere with your version of PowerPoint. Add ins might also be an issue from time to time. No matter the cause, there’s a solution.

PowerPoint not responding? Go ahead and fix it!

Updates are a key element in the performance of all your software. This is why you need to make sure that you have installed the latest PowerPoint updates before you search for a really complicated solution. This saves your time and energy because the software will do its thing while you brew yourself a cup of coffee. If you didn’t take care of that Action Center notification  telling you that PowerPoint is out of date, this might be a good time to let the update solve your problem.

PowerPoint not responding might also be caused by different add ins that conflict with the software somehow. These might be attributed to antivirus add ins as well. If this is the root cause of your issue, just go ahead and click file and then options. The following screen will be in front of your eyes.

PowerPoint not responding 1

Scroll down and find the Add Ins section. Here you will find the active application Add-Ins, the Add-Ins that might be inactive or the Add-Ins that have been previously disabled.   At the bottom of the screen select COM Add-ins and then hit “Go”. This will lead you to a news screen.

PowerPoint not responding 2

You will find here a list of all add ins that have something to do with PowerPoint. Disable the ones that cause you grief. Take note of the fact that your antivirus add ins might also be conflicting. In this case, if your antivirus is updated, remove some of them from the list.

In some cases, you might just be stuck after you have tried all these things. If that’s the situation you find yourself in then you should just repair Office. Close the operating Office programs and go to the repair option in Control Panel. Wait a wile, restart your system and check if this got the job done. If not, drop a comment and we’ll get you on track!