Raspberry Pi, receiving the official touchscreen

New accessory for the popular board development: the resolution is not that great, and the price is in line with cost of the basic hardware. The market of the board becomes more crowded and competitive. The Raspberry Pi Foundation has put on sale the first display “official” for the eponymous Card ARM development by ultra-cheap price, a device which enriches the market “accessories” for Raspberry Pi, and that of course the bride vocation low cost of board loved by programmers and “maker” assorted.

Raspberry Pi Touchscreen

The display for Raspberry Pi comes a little further away from the official Construct homes , costs £ 48 or $ 60 and is compatible with the three models Raspberry latest “generation” (+ Model A, Model B +, 2 Raspberry Pi Model B); owners of a previous hardware revision will be forced to “burdened” the upgrade, before you can use the new accessory. Speaking of specifications, the display official Raspberry Pi boasts 7-inch diagonal, touch controls to 10 fingers simultaneously and 800×480 resolution, connects to the board through GPIO port (for power) and DSI leads to ‘disappear’ on the back of the ticket ARM.

As for the software, finally, the necessary drivers and capacitive controls the virtual keyboard will be integrated in the next release of OS official (Raspbian OS) and will therefore require a further update – this time free. The market development board “bare “variously equipped or is getting more crowded, a result due in large part to their Raspberry Pi and that includes – among others – the products of the Orange Line Pi : Orange Pi PC, the latest model of the board, can boast a CPU SoC with quad-core Cortex-A7, Mali-400 GPU and 1 GB of onboard RAM, various interconnection ports (HDMI, USB) and compatibility with Raspberry Pi through the appropriate 40-pin port.