How to import ICS file into Google Calendar and Windows 10 Calendar

A friend of mine asked to help him with this issue. He just upgrade the operating system on his main PC from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and he seems to be a little bit lost after so many changes on the user interface. It will take a while to get used to the new Windows 10.
He was using the outlook application to read the emails with IMAP feature turned on. However, he had a few calendar contacts and want to import that file into the new Windows 10 Mail and of course, to use the new Windows 10 Calendar with his ICS file.

Using the Calendar Restore app

Windows 10 doesn’t nativelly support the ICS files, which is a minus, so I’ve been forced to use an app to do this operation. The app name is Calendar Restore and it can import the ICS file/files into Windows 10 Calendar.

How to Import ICS files into Windows 10 Calendar

ICS file is a format for calendar files which became a standard used by many email clients like Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird and most important, Google Calendar which support the import-export operation with and from this file format.

The Calendar Restore app used to import the ICS file is available in Windows Store. It’s free of charge and you can download the app in just no time.

Calendar Restore app features

  • Support the ICS files with more than one events (multiple events)
  • Support iCalendar (.ics) files extension
  • Can open ICS files directly from email attachment.
  • It can associate ICS files with Internet Explorer
  • …and many other

According to its author, this app doesn’t spy the user and no data is being sent back to the app maker server.

Using Calendar Restore app andĀ import ICS file to Windows 10 Calendar

There are two methods to do this:

Method #1:

  1. Install the application from Windows Store.
  2. Start the Calendar Restore and click the import button. Next browse and find the ICS file that you wish to import and press the OPEN button at the end.

Method #2:

  1. Go to the Calendar Restore app webpage to install the application if you don’t want to use the Windows Store.
  2. Browse your computer to the location of the ICS file and double click on that file. It will bring up the Calendar Restore app and ask if you wish to import the file into Windows 10 Calendar.

As for the Google Calendar import, itĀ has a native support for the ICS files. Just go to import and select the ICS file that you wish to import.