Fix Cortana and Search in Windows 10

The idea was simple enough. You should yell “Cortana!” and Cortana should be working, telling you stuff or helping you organize your life. Unfortunately, sometimes this useful feature of Windows 10 tends to not work, especially after the Windows 10 Anniversary update. But don’t lose hope; well tell you how to fix Cortana and Search in Windows 10.

First things first, if your Cortana and Search stopped working right after installing the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, then check if the Bind Search Enabled and Registry Editor are set to 1. You do this by accessing your Registry editor.

If this does not work however here are a few extra tips.

  1. Make sure Cortana is enabled

It might sound like a joke, but you actually have to enable Cortana in order for it to work. As always, in order to do this, you just push a button. Select the Cortana button on your taskbar and switching to on.

How to fix Cortana and Search - Cortana on

  1. Sign in and out

Sometimes, the problem might just go away on its own. This is why you should sign out and in order to make sure that you are not looking for a complicated solution to a simple problem.

  1. Restart computer

Restarting your computer might also help solve the problem on its own.

  1. Create a new Microsoft user account

Sometimes, Microsoft can scramble your credentials, so it might be a good idea to create a new username and password. This might help you solve your problem without too much extra fuss.

  1. Disable your antivirus software or update to latest version

If you are not running the latest versions of your antivirus, it may impair Cortana and Search from working. So update your antivirus and see if this helps at all. You can also disable the antivirus for a while and see if this will do the trick.

  1. Let Windows do the work
  • Windows can sometimes ask for different automatic repairs. Be faithful, the boys down at Microsoft know what they’re doing so let the software run its course and have Cortana fixed automatically. If this doesn’t get the job done than just make sure that Cortana isn’t running a faulty script. That means that you just have to end the process using the Task Manager and then reopen it.
  • The good folks working for Microsoft have also taught of implementing a Search Troubleshooter to help you along with solving those Search and Cortana related issues. Just open your Control Panel, see All Control Panel options, click “Find and fix problems with Windows Search” and let the software to its thing.

7. Uninstall any program that might affect the Taskbar

Sometimes software is just not as compatible as we might like. This is why you also need to make sure that Cortana and search are not in any way hindered by some program or app you installed and is affecting the Taskbar.

  1. Tinker with the Search Indexer

This one will take time and effort so hopefully you would have solved your problem by now. Go to Control Panel and click Indexing Options. Select the “Advanced” option and “Index Settings”. Go through the process and see if this works.

We hope we helped you fix your Cortana and Search related issue on Windows 10. If not, drop a comment and we’ll get the job done.