Programming Universal Remote

How to program a universal remote

Fed up, even more, of having to use multiple remotes every day in order to access and change channels on TV, start movie on the DVD player and pause the good old VCR you’ve finally decided: you bought a universal remote control, one of those ” gadgets “that can be used to operate a multitude of electronic devices in the home, the TV in the first place. I must say, you have definitely made ​​the best choice.However, if you end up on this guide it is most likely because you’re having some minor problems with your new purchase. As you say? You do not know how toprogram a universal remote ? here, in fact. Well, then do not worry … I can help you!

I know, when you do not know where to put your hands and you feel it’s all very complicated, but believe me, programmed universal remote is actually a real breeze. Operations that must make to be able to program the universal remote are in fact extremely simple and take away only a little, in fact very little free time.

If your intention is therefore to find out what you have to do to be able to program a universal remote I suggest you take a few moments for you and concentrate on reading this guide. I am sure that after all you will be ready to give me right that program universal remote really was a no brainer.

Assuming that depending on the make and model of universal remote at your disposal the methods by which tune can change know that I will try to be as precise as possible and to provide clear guidance and comprehensive.

According to those who are your preferences and based on what you own keep in mind that universal remote controls can be configured in three ways: by entering them in the code associated with the TV, the decoder or device to be controlled, trying recognition Automatic unit or via a computer connection.

Programmed universal remote control via codes

If you want to program a universal remote control and prefer to do this by entering the proper codes you must first find the one best suited to the device you have.

To find the correct code to be able to associate the use of the universal remote control to your TV, set-top box or other device you can try to give a look at the pages of any book this leaflet in the sales package of the device.

Alternatively you can try to find the code for programming a universal remote starting the Web browser that most want on your computer and connecting to the Web site of the manufacturer of the remote control.

When displayed on the Web site uses the search field typically placed in the upper part of the same, enter the model name of your remote control, presses Enter on the keyboard, click on the search result that you think matches the device you have and the new page displayed identifies the section on how you can leverage with the remote control. It then identifies the code referring to your device.

At this point turn on the device for which you want to program a universal remote, grab the remote control and then awards and continues to hold the TV was on the same. Once that is done, the LED on the remote control will turn on and stay on.

Continuing to hold the TV type in the code that you have previously retrieved. As you type the code, the LED will turn off and then turn on again once inserted the last digit.

Now release the button TV . If you entered the code correctly, the LED will continue to flash for a few seconds then goes out. If you’ve entered the code correctly, the LED will flash four times and you will have to repeat the procedure taking care this time to enter the correct code.

After entering the code correctly you may perform any operation by remote control on the device to which you associate the latter. If you choose to program a universal remote control for use with the TV test, for example, to change channels.If everything goes the right way congratulations, you are successful in the enterprise. Otherwise I suggest you to repeat the whole procedure.

Please also note that for some remote control buttons to be pressed at the time of the approval procedure may be different from what I have already indicated. If the procedure that I have suggested to make to program universal remote control is ineffective, you can try pressing the key combination in September + TV (or the key for the device to be stored, for example,  SAT , VCR , etc.) or Power + Muteon the remote control, enter the code of the device to tune and save the settings by pressing the Power .


Programmed universal remote control through automatic recognition

Alternatively the procedure that allows you to program the universal remote via codes you can, in some cases, do one procedure of automatic recognition.

If you want groped the way of automatic recognition switch on the device to which you want to assign the remote control and then hold down simultaneously buttons acensione and one for the device on the remote until the LED turns on and stays on.

Subsequently press the Play every five seconds until the device turns off.

Now press the Rewind or Reverse to see if you log on or off the device to which you are associating the remote control. If not turn wait a while and then again presses the buttons that you have indicated.

To access device press and hold the button Stop until the light on the remote control turns off.


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