How To Make A Bootable USB the easy way

The most easy way for anyone to create a USB devices who’s able to boot, will be described in a few steps. When you will complete this steps, you’ll be able to work with your new USB stick.

You will need the following:

1. An empty USB stick (at least 8 Gb)
2. A computer with an ISO image ready to be written on the USB.
3. This software who is going to help you building the Bootable USB device

Ok, now you should unzip the newly downloaded archive and start the software.

Bootable USB Step 1

Please make sure that Create a bootable disk using: option is checked, this is very important, otherwise your PC won’t be able to boot from the USB drive.

Making Bootable USB Step2

When you press the START button, it will start working. You should wait now until the process is finished. The waiting time may vary based on the size of the ISO image used. It may take from 2-3 minutes up to 15 minutes to finish. This method works with both Windows and Linux image ISOs.

And that’s it. If you want to make sure the newly created usb is bootable, you can read this post and find out how before you can try the USB on your PC or laptop.

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