Hack Iphone Passcode

How to hack an iPhone Passcode

If you ever lost the passcode on your phone or simply would like to make a prank to someone but you don’t know the passcode of it’s iphone, you can learn it how to do it following this simple steps in this tutorial. At the end the phone will open the contacts app on the iphone and you’ll be able to add, edit, delete or email any contacts from the phone.

Step 1:

Hack Any Iphone Passcode

Simply just click on the the “Emergency call” button on the lock screen.

Step 2:

Emergency Call Iphone Passcode Hack

Now enter for of # (####)

Step 3:

Hack Iphone Ipad Passcode

As soon as you’ve entered the 4 dashes (#) press the dial button.

Step 4:

Hack Iphone Passcode Lock Button Press

Instantly press the lock button located on the top of the phone (as in the picture).

Step 5:

Hack the Iphone Passcode easy to do

Now you have unlocked the iPhone without knowing the passcode. You will be able to look in the contacts and call using that iPhone. This is how you hack an iPhone passcode easily.

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