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How to detect Rootkits

Rootkits are affecting every computer out there even if it’s high end or basic.

What is Rootkit?

Rootkits are an assembly of malicious software which if authorized for installation can render a well maintained computer to a downgraded one in a matter of hours or days and can create real trouble for the day to day user. The Rootkits will surely give the person behind access to your entire system and in some cases after downloading your information can even keep the system hostage in exchange for some benefits.

The installation of the Rootkits is fairly easy for an attacker. They just have to make you believe that you are installing a safe program, hiding the pieces of the Rootkits code in the code of other applications.
The first advice is to pay very much attention to the source of the download. It’s strongly recommended that you only download from a known location or source.


For instance you can use a free kit called GMER Rootkit Detector and Remover for the unites having Windows installed on it.

Not complicated at all, GMER Rootkit Detector and Remover is a user friendly tool with basic user interface. The installation is loose and can be made even by a very basic computer user.
After downloading the GMER Rootkit Detector and Remover and you start to run it I’ll open a main window where you can select the options for the scan such as threads, libraries, services, modules, Registry and files you want to scan. After selection just click the scan button and hope you are not affected by Rootkits.

GMER, Rootkit, Detector, RemoverThe GMER Rootkit Detector and Remover will scan for hidden modules, processes, services, files, threads, disk sectors (MBR), Alternate Data Streams, drivers hooking SSDT, Registry keys drivers hooking IDT, drivers hooking IRP calls and Inline hooks.
After the scan you can COPY the result in a clipboard or directly click the save button and save the file in a desired text format.

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