Check if USB drive is bootable

Check if USB Drive is bootable

Well, I’ve encountered yesterday a problem. I’ve made a bootable usb for a friend and even if I’ve followed all the steps required for this process the stick didn’t wanted to boot the device (a laptop in this case). I’ve searched the web for a solution to check before rebooting and re rebooting the computer if the USB device is really bootable or not. The solution is simple enough for anyone and you can test if the drive is bootable before going all the nine yards. Here are the steps to take:

  1.  Download this little application HERE
  2. Open the archive and extract all its content to the designated USB device you would like to check
  3. Open the path to the USB Drive and run the program with administrative rights (use mouse right click – > Run as Administrator)

Check if USB drive is bootable

When you start the program a dialog will appear asking if you wish to use the Qemu engine. Just say yes, of course. Ok, when you will do that, the software will test itself the USB to find out if it’s really bootable or not, without rebooting the PC over and over again.


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