DNS, How it really work ?

How DNS work on the internet?

I’m sure you probably heard about DNS stuff if you visit this page. But if you wonder how the entire mechanism works, I will try to do my best to explain the entire mechanism behind the DNS factory 🙂

First you need to understand how the internet really work. Whenever you type an address, like google.com your computer will translate this address into a numeric address called by geeks IP ADDRESS. Don’t get scared, the IP address is like a phone number you used to call. I’m sure if you’ll be lost without your phone agenda, and you won’t be able to memorize the entire phone numbers stored there. DNS server is a phone agenda, and whenever you try to call a “name”, he will try to find the “phone number” behind that name.

It’s a smart technology but also a weak point of the Internet. DNSes gets exploited too often by hackers to drive traffic to a specific website. They simply needs to change the “phone number” and when computers start to ask for the phone number, they receive the new number put there by hackers.

Ok, if you got it by now you should know that you can use some public “phone books” (aka DNS servers). Some of them can even protect your computer from malware website, inappropriate content and so on. It’s good to use a public DNS, like google public DNS server.

How you can change the DNS from your computer ?

Well, that’s a simple task, really. Right click on your current internet connection from your task-bar and click on “Open Network and Sharing Center”.

Change DNS from windows

From there, click on “Change adapter settings”. A new window will be opened where you’re going to see your adapters (wifi, ethernet and so on).

Dns Adapter settings

Select the device you want to set and press the right click on your mouse. On the new menu select “Properties

Select Internet Protocol Version 4, and double click on it. Now you should see the image presented below:

DNS properties adapter settings

Click on “Use the following DNS server addresses” and use the servers listed there. When you’re done, just press ok and you’re good to go. Now you will use the google DNS’es. Really simple isn’t it ?

Windows 10 Upgrade – Threshold 2


Code name ‘Threshold 2‘ is first major Windows 10 upgrade which is available to users around the world. With this upgrade, Windows 10 gets some important modifications.

windows 10, upgrade, update, threshold 2, microsoft, windows 10 upgrade

The most significant change brought to Windows 10 is the fact that from now on it can be activated with a pass key from Windows 7 or 8.

Microsoft has listened to its users that complained about not having enough control over the updating system. Now, Windows 10 can now make the difference between updating and upgrading. From now on users can decide how long to delay updating and upgrading the system, with a maximum time limit of 8 months.


The Skype app comes as standard even if you want it or not, use it or not.

windows 10, upgrade, update, threshold 2, microsoft, windows 10 upgrade

The Edge browser has also received some improvements like the Tabs already open show you a preview you when you put the cursor on them. More useful is the ability to have two pages simultaneously, side by side.


Right click on the Start Menu or on the Taskbar and you will discover a new menu coloured in dark grey.

From now on you can choose from a larger range of colours to personalize the Start Menu, the Taskbar or the control panel.


Microsoft added another option which might prove to be more useful for those who use Windows based phones and tables. The time-zone can be set automatically depending on where you are on the planet. This option is enabled by default but can be disabled from the Settings menu, Time and Date, uncheck the automatic time-zone setting.

windows 10, upgrade, update, threshold 2, microsoft, windows 10 upgrade

Last but not least, Cortana has become a little more smarter. Cortana has received new options that include support for Stylus, automatic recognition and the possibility of reading phone numbers, addresses, e-mail addresses. Reminders for flight tickets or movie tickets are available now. The options listed above for Cortana are available in the United States and a couple of European countries with the rest of the world is having to wait a little longer.

windows 10, upgrade, update, threshold 2, microsoft, windows 10 upgrade


Hack any paid WiFi hotspot from Windows

Well, it’s not nice to do that, but you should know it can easily be done even from Windows, not only from linux or other operating systems. First you should know what MAC is in order to understand the entire process.

MAC or Media Access Control is a unique (if your network card is not made in China, or on a ship from China, that’s other story) identifier assigned to network interface for communications on the physical network segment. Basically it’s a form of identification between your computer and the first access point, or router.

What you’re going to do next is more like spoofing an address and access the network using someone else access to that network. Most of the paid WiFi hotspots (or even paid hotel hotspots) are based on MAC address filtering which can be easily bypassed. Even you can Hack any paid WiFi hotspot from Windows

Step 1: Find and connect to the network

Even if you didn’t paid you can connect to the paid network. You don’t have to open any browser or start browsing at this moment, just select and connect to the designated network (target).

Now, go to start and type CMD. Press enter.

On the black window (yes, it’s called command prompt) type arp -a

You should see a bunch of other computers from that network. We are most interested in their MAC address listed there. Just copy a few (or all) in a notepad file.

Wifi Hack Windows 7


Step 2: Spoof the MAC Address on your Network Card

First, open the Device Manager. On Windows 8.1, press Windows Key + X and click Device Manager. On Windows 7, press the Windows key, type “Device Manager” to search for it, and click Device Manager. Now you should find the Network Adapters, locate the wifi card and right click on it. Press the properties.

WiFi Hack Windows 7/8

Click the Advanced tab and select Network Address in the list. Your network driver doesn’t support this feature if the option isn’t here.

Mac Address Cloning on windows WiFi

Now, enter the data from your notepad, without dashes or spaces. You should get 12 alphanumeric code after your eliminate the spaces or dots. Place the code on the “Value” input.

Step 3: Enjoy the internet

When you will press ok, you should be able to open a browser and enjoy the free internet. This is also working on paid internet from hotels, bars, train stations or other paid networks you may encounter.

How to Remove The Lyrics From Songs

A friend of mine asked how he can convert the favorite songs to plain songs without lyrics. I’ve found a way and I want to share it with you guys, even if most of you are not so techie. With this method of removal you can convert your songs to Karaoke ready songs. You should know that with this method you won’t be able to get rid of the singer completely but it will be suitable for your Karaoke song collection.

Step 1 – Download Audacity:

Audacity Voice Remover

Search on google for this software, download and install in on your computer.

Step 2 – Open the song:

Remove Lyrics from songs easy way

Click on file, select the designated song to have the lyrics removed. Please make sure this song has the both bars (is stereo) otherwise it won’t work.

Step 3 – Split the stereo track 

Audicity split stereo track

Audicity Split Stereo Track 2

With this method you will split the stereo track in two different tracks for left and right. Don’t worry, nothing is broken …yet 🙂

Step 4 – Invert Right Audio Track

Invert Right Audio Audicity

Invert Right Audio Audicity Step 2

Invert Right Audio Audicity Step 3

First of all, please make sure the song is not playing for this part. Now you have to invert the audio in the bar placed on the right. Just click anywhere on the grey part of the bar, go to Effects from the menu and select invert. On completion the right track will look changed.

Step 5 – Change to Mono

Remove Lyrics from Song

How To Remove Lyrics from song

In this step you will have to change both left and right tracks to MONO.

Step 6 – Enjoy the song.

Well, you have successfully edited your first song and remove the lyrics from songs. I am sure you will have many others to edit from now on, but you did it. If you want you can save the song to WAV or MP3 and listen with your favorite media player software.

How To Make A Bootable USB the easy way

The most easy way for anyone to create a USB devices who’s able to boot, will be described in a few steps. When you will complete this steps, you’ll be able to work with your new USB stick.

You will need the following:

1. An empty USB stick (at least 8 Gb)
2. A computer with an ISO image ready to be written on the USB.
3. This software who is going to help you building the Bootable USB device

Ok, now you should unzip the newly downloaded archive and start the software.

Bootable USB Step 1

Please make sure that Create a bootable disk using: option is checked, this is very important, otherwise your PC won’t be able to boot from the USB drive.

Making Bootable USB Step2

When you press the START button, it will start working. You should wait now until the process is finished. The waiting time may vary based on the size of the ISO image used. It may take from 2-3 minutes up to 15 minutes to finish. This method works with both Windows and Linux image ISOs.

And that’s it. If you want to make sure the newly created usb is bootable, you can read this post and find out how before you can try the USB on your PC or laptop.

Lenovo H500S Bios Update – How To

Well folks, today I’ve encountered a big problem trying to upgrade a LENOVO H500S bios. First of all, you have to know that Lenovo support is missing, at least for this model. But I’ve found out a solution so you can upgrade the bios and be able to boot Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP on this machine type. Here is a photo of the old BIOS model:

IpkT21AUS Lenovo Bios Upgrade

For some reasons, Lenovo doesn’t put too much effort in releasing a hassle-free method for the user. But here is what I’ve found, and if you are in the same situation (Bios upgrade) and want to install another operating system, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Download the Make_PE3_48.exe file (don’t worry, it’s virus free, but for your peace of mind, scan it anyway).
  2. Start the file
  3. Select where you want to create your ISO file (all the content will be extracted from your current operating system if you don’t have an iso at hand – which was my case).
  4. When the entire operation is completed, download the RUFUS bootable USB maker from here
  5. Select the ISO previously created by the Make PE3 file, at the step 3 and make the USB bootable.
  6. Download lenovo H500S Bios Update File
  7. Uncompress the archive and move it to your newly created Windows PE usb stick.
  8. Boot the Lenovo H500S using this stick newly created at the previous steps.


9. Start the software to upgrade the Lenovo H500s BIOS.

IPJY41USA Lenovo Bios Upgrade


When the entire process is completed, just reboot the machine and use your regular image to install the operating system of your choice (Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, etc).

Here is the final image showing that the Lenovo H500s BIOS update has been completed:

Lenobo Bios Update



Check if USB Drive is bootable

Well, I’ve encountered yesterday a problem. I’ve made a bootable usb for a friend and even if I’ve followed all the steps required for this process the stick didn’t wanted to boot the device (a laptop in this case). I’ve searched the web for a solution to check before rebooting and re rebooting the computer if the USB device is really bootable or not. The solution is simple enough for anyone and you can test if the drive is bootable before going all the nine yards. Here are the steps to take:

  1.  Download this little application HERE
  2. Open the archive and extract all its content to the designated USB device you would like to check
  3. Open the path to the USB Drive and run the program with administrative rights (use mouse right click – > Run as Administrator)

Check if USB drive is bootable

When you start the program a dialog will appear asking if you wish to use the Qemu engine. Just say yes, of course. Ok, when you will do that, the software will test itself the USB to find out if it’s really bootable or not, without rebooting the PC over and over again.


Make a bootable usb pendrive using cmd

Most people when hear about using command prompt will search other way, but creating a bootable usb pendrive using command prompt is not that hard as most people may thing.

This method is designated to be used by people who don’t have windows 8 installed on their computers. Don’t try to make it work on windows 8 machines, cause it won’t work. To make a bootable usb pendrive follow these easy to do steps:

1. Go where the ISO files are located (even if we talk about a CD/DVD content or a mounted ISO). Copy those files to a designated folder on your hard drive.

2. Insert your USB drive into your computer press the start button and in the search field type “cmd“. When a black box will appear on the search results, right click on it and select to run the program as Administrator. A new window will appear which is called the command prompt. On it, type the following sequence of commands:

  • diskpart (press enter)
  • list disk (press enter)
  • select disk (#disk number) – recognized by its size (press enter)
  • clean (this will erase the selected disk – press enter)
  • create partition primary (press enter)
  • select partition 1 (press enter)
  • active (press enter)
  • format fs=ntfs quick (this command will format the newly created partition – press enter)

Create usb pendrive using CMD


When the format is over you still have to give some commands in order to make the usb pendrive bootable. Here they are: assign (which will assign a letter to your usb drive) and exit

Remember that i’ve instructed you to extract the content of the CD/DVD to a designated folder at the beginning of the article ? Now it’s time to go there and find the boot folder with the bootsect exe file

Bootable folder bootsect file

I have the following path: e:\cd win 7 sp1\boot\bootsect.exe/nt60 h: (where H is the drive letter of my future bootable pendrive)

Make Bootable Pendrive

All you have to do now is to copy all the files found here to your usb device.

Bootable Pendrive file copy

Everything is in place right now, you can restart your computer and boot from your newly created bootable pendrive.

Create bootable device using cmd – Command Prompt

As you already know, you don’t need to be a professional IT engineer or IT geek to make a bootable USB Device. This method is valid if you have installed Windows 7 on your computer. You cannot do this using other version of Windows.

I will not insist on the file sources (from where you have them). I will try to explain as good as I can how to make the device bootable.

1. Get the Windows ISO files on your computer hard drive (even if you copy your Windows KIT).
2. Insert your USB drive in your pc, press the start button and in the search field write CMD. Right click on the first result (the one with the black icon) and select from the new opened menu selection “Run As Administrator”. A black window will appear, called “command prompt”. Now you should type the next commands one by one:

    SELECT DISK # (where # is the disk number – make sure you select the correct disk, check the disk size and make sure it’s the correct one).
    CLEAN (it will erase your disk, so please make sure you have selected the correct disk at the previous entered command).
    FORMAT FS=NTFS QUICK (will format the disk using NTFS tables lightning fast 🙂

Bootable USB using cmd

3. When the format is done, write the following command:

  • ASSIGN (the system will give a letter to your newly created bootable USB device).
    EXIT (it will exit the disk part program which helped you to create your bootable device).

4. At this point you should make the usb drive really bootable. Go to your previously saved kit and find the boot folder where you should locate the bootsect file.

cmd prompt bootable usb

5. In this case, i had to give the following command: CD e:\”win 7 sp1\boot” and after that E:. After that I had to type bootsect.exe/nt60 h: (where H is the drive letter)

Bootable USB using cmd prompt

When this step has been completed, you should be able to boot from your USB device like a pro !


Bootable method for Windows 7 and Windows 8

I’m sure you’ve wanted to create a bootable disk or bootable USB at least once for various reasons. You should know that this method is not at all complicated, in fact is easier than you may think. Yes, I know it sound too geek but if you follow the steps from this tutorial, you can do it yourself even if you’re not a pc guru at all.
First step is to download the ISO Image (the disk image with Windows 7 or Windows 8 – your flavor). Next logical step is to install a cd/dvd burning software, personally I use the free tool called IMGBurn, which is more than I need. Well, the hard part has just been passed 🙂
I will assume that you already have the ISO file (image file for Windows).

1. First step is to download the tool provided by Microsoft on their webpage called Windows 7/USB/DVD Download Tool. This tool works very well even for Windows 8, don’t be fooled by it’s name. It’s intended to work with all their software.

2. Select the input files in order to create a bootable USB. Simply choose the ISO that you already have.

3. Device selection. On this step you should select the destination for your new bootable device (Bootable USB, Bootable CD/DVD).

4. Choose the USB port. First you need to connect the USB to your computer. Also, please make sure that your device is big enough to avoid making all the steps again with other USB Device.

5. Wait until the process finish. This software will format the USB drive first in order to make it bootable. When this process is finished, it will start to copy files on the device. Depending on your computer and USB port speed it may take between 10 to 30 minutes.