How to upgrade your Windows Phone to Windows 10

Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft, Windows Mobile, Update Advisor, LumiaAfter a very long wait,Microsoft, finally made available the Windows 10 update to older handsets that already run 8.1 Windows Mobile.
The list of the mobile device that will be able to run Windows 10 Mobile, has more than a dozen handsets. But before the joy in having a new operation system on your phone you will have to know that not all the older Windows Phone devices are supported.
The full list of devices includes:
– Lumia 1520, 930, 640, 640XL, 730, 735, 830, 532, 535, 540, 635 1GB, 636 (1GB), 638 (1GB), 430, 435;
– BLU Win HD w510u;
– BLU Win HD LTE x150q;
– MCJ Madosma Q501.
To help the users Microsoft made available the new Update Advisor app that will let you know if your handset is eligible for an update.
Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft, Windows Mobile, Update Advisor, Lumia
The Windows 10 Mobile Upgrade Advisor app helps you find out if your Windows Phone 8.1 phone is eligible to install the upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile. For the update you will need to free some space on your device. After opening the app, it will check if the phone is eligible to install the update. If not it will let you know that your phone is not in the list.
Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft, Windows Mobile, Update Advisor, Lumia
The developer recommends to move temporary the photo and video files to OneDrive or on your SD card. If you use the OneDrive application after the update you can restore you files thru the use of Update Advisor app.
Some of you may experience the following error – “Something Went Wrong”. If this happens to you try to uninstall and reinstall the app.
In the beginning the Windows 10 Mobile update was eligible to more devices in not know exactly way the Windows company canceled some devices from the initial list. The company did not announced if the list will suffer more changes.
Windows 10 Mobile is already been available on the newer handsets from the end of 2015 whit devices shipped with the operating system installed.

How to Save Battery on Android Phone

Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Doze, Battery Screen, Android phone

There are steps that everyone follows in assuring long life for you battery on your Android phone. Disabling the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and lowering the screen brightness are the first steps. Fortunately there are some tricks that you can do beyond that.

On every Android Phone, the Battery Screen is a very useful tool. Here you can find what application is drawing a lot of battery power and you may want to replace or remove it.  Apps will appear every time in your Battery Screen after or in the time you use them but the secret is to go for the apps that run in the background that use the power when you aren’t using them. The rate of consumption varies from app to app. For instance a graphic game that runs in 3D will train the power even running in background.

It’s impossible to prevent some apps to run in background. For this you must disable the background sync in the application settings. If you don’t succeed in doing this the best solution is to uninstall or disable the app. If will really like the application you can always try to find one that dosen’t run in background without your approval.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Doze, Battery Screen, Android phone

The new feature of the Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Doze, will help you save the battery when you are not using you device. You can also tweak it and make it better and more powerful. Doze will put your phone to “sleep” when you leave it alone thus conserving the battery life for later.

For Doze to work your phone needs to be completely still. Moving the phone even for a little bit will disable the doze effect.  The app uses data from the phone’s accelerometer to see if it’s moving, which means it really has to be sitting on a table, completely motionless, for Doze to kick in.

“High priority” notifications  from the provider, SMS messages and incoming phone calls will still came thru and even the alarms will still work, so no worries. Let us know if Doze worked for you?

Samsung Smart Switch for Samsung S7 and Edge

Samsung Smart Switch, S7, Edge After the launch of the Samsung S7 and Samsung Edge, many of us opted for an upgrade from our old phones. After getting a new phone the realization of getting the old information to the new phone sets in and we start by finding different solutions. Well here comes in handy the new Samsung Smart Switch application. This comes build in the Samsung Galaxy devices. Some of the information are fairly easy to move or exchange from a device to another through different cloud services as Google or Apple’s iCloud, only by logging in a new device.

Samsung Smart Switch, S7, Edge The hard part is when you are trying to synchronize you SMS conversation, not to say if you decide to change your device from iOS to Samsung Galaxy S7.

Very important note is also that you will find a USB adapter in the box of your new Samsung Galaxy S7 or EDGE, do not lose it because even if it looks like a ordinary piece of plastic this is an important part of the  Samsung Smart Switch.

Samsung Smart Switch, S7, Edge In the initial setup of your Samsung Galaxy S7 you will be prompted if you want to use the Smart Switch to speed up your process. If you decide to select this you will need the have the old device by hand with the additional USB cable required.

Samsung Smart Switch, S7, Edge From now on there are some easy steps to follow. Connect the adapter in to the new device and the cable in to the old one. The USB transfer accept older Galaxy devices from Android 4.3 and up, iOS 5 and up, and BlackBerry OS 7 devices or lower. The new Samsung Galaxy will recognize the device and it will guide you through the process. It will take several minutes until the Galaxy will gather all the information from your old device and then will prompt you for what you will want to move. Select the desired apps, SMS and miscellaneous and start the transfer. Be sure that the devices have battery and do not disconnect them until finish. All the process will take some time depending on the amount of date you will transfer.