Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4 For Windows 10

Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4 for Windows 10 is here. This software will help you personalize your Windows 10 exactly how you want to, and it will also make your system more secure, more stable and faster.

Personalizing your Windows 10 can also be made through the Windows 10 Settings app, the Registry Editor or the Group Policy Editor, but this tweaking software makes it easier for you by offering you all the useful tweaks that you may want with just a few clicks.

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With a very user-friendly interface, this software includes over 200 tweaks while occupying just 495 KB of space.

Over its last version, the Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4 for Windows 10 adds some new tweaks like:

  1. New interface design with command link buttons.
  2. The Context Menu for the Store app also gets new tweaks.
  3. You can now run the DISM command to fix corrupted system image.
  4. You can recalculate the Windows Experience Index from the main page.
  5. The privacy section gets new tweaks.
  6. Drives can be pinned to the Desktop Context Menu.

All the tweaks available in the Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4 are categorized very well as follows:

  1. System Information – When you start the tweaking software, you will get all the basic information about your system( OS version, Build, Computer Name, User Name, Processor, etc.). Also available are the buttons to run DISM, to run the System File Checker, to create a System Restore Point or to open the Recovery Options.
  2. Customization – In this section you can tweak the settings of the Taskbar, File Explorer, Thumbnails and the UI. You can choose themes for the OS or for the apps, disable Start animations, etc.
  3. User Accounts – In this category you can change your account settings, Login information and the sign-in options.
  4. Performance tweaks – Even though most of these settings are best left at their default values, if you want to, you can change them to best suit your needs.
  5. Security and Privacy – This tab will let you change some settings, like either restricting access (for example: Windows Update) or disabling apps ( Bing Search, Cortana, Password reveal button, Application Telemetry, etc.).
  6. Internet Explorer – This section will let you tweak the Internet Explorer‘s behaviour and interface.
  7. Context Menu – In the Context Menu you can add useful functions to the right-click context menu, you can add Windows Store apps. You can also add “Scan With Windows Defender“. You can also convert Desktop Icons into Tiles.
  8. Additional – In this section you get extra System and Network tweaks. You can also change how the Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4 behaves.
  9. About – This last tab contains, apart from the License Agreement, some useful links such as the Submit Bugs link, the Support link or the Check for Update button .

What’s the best Antivirus for Windows 10?

If you already asked that question you already have installed Windows 10 and maybe it’s time to choose your best antivirus solution. You should know that Windows 10 won’t be asking you to install an antivirus solution, not like Windows 7. From Windows 8, Microsoft includes Windows Defender in his own operating system release.

We will see how Windows Defender performs on Windows 10 and how good it is in protecting your computer from threats.

How good it is Windows Defender ?

Well, Microsoft Windows 10, come with a black box antivirus solution which scans each opened software and started program. But as we know Microsoft, Windows Defender is with many steps behind other antivirus solutions from the free market (Internet Explorer anyone? ).

But Windows Defender has many advantages. First of all, is already installed on the system along with the operating system, is way much lighter than it’s competitors and won’t attempt to collect your personal data as other antiviruses do.

Antivirus Windows 10

A golden rule is to keep your system up to date, installing all the updates whenever they appear and using a modern browser capable of installing updates itself. Try to avoid Internet Explorer, just a friendly advice. If you can do that that, you’re ok even with Windows Defender. Windows Defender received a decent score on antivirus testing sites. If you’re paranoid about security or if you work with sensitive information, install a dedicated solution like Kaspersky or BitDefender, who gets the best score. These two antiviruses are capable to protect the system with a 100% score.

Windows 10 come with other security filter called SmartScreen filter, that shouldn’t allow user to download and run malware software. Something similar is found in modern browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

On the other hand, if you usually download torrent files or other pirated software, a good advice is to skip the Windows Defender and go for a better antivirus software.

What is the best antivirus for windows

Still, what is the best antivirus for Windows 10 ?

It’s hard to tell. Depends a lot on user behavior. Everyone’s tolerance is different. We can make a list of what we may consider important and you can easily choose in which of these categories you belong:

  • If you want the best protection possible: You have to choose a dedicated antivirus method (Kaspersky Antivirus or BitDefender). If you want to have the best protection possible, take any of these two (not both of course 🙂
  • If you want a free protection: Avira antivirus may be the best choice for this category. Beware on installation to uncheck the Ask Toolbar. From time to time, avira will show a pop-up with advertising but if you’re ok with that, Avira it’s the best choice for this category.
  • The least intrusive and still free protection: You should be ok with Windows Defender. You won’t see any pop-up displayed by this antivirus, and the best thing of all, it’s free. Just remember to keep your computer up to date.

Combine antivirus with Anti-Malware solution.


You may want to try using beside a standard antivirus, a dedicated software which will protect your browser file integrity, keeping it’s plugins safe. For this case you should use MalwareBytes Anti-Exploit. This software would help to block all kind of nasty attacks (even zero day exploits). Please keep in mind that any solution you choose, won’t give you 100% safety. Make regular backups and keep your computer clean and up to date. Be sure you know what kind of programs you’re running and usually don’t execute them with Administrator rights, it will keep you away from most troubles.


Hiberfil.sys – What is it and how to delete it

Ok ok, I got it. You have some issues with Hiberfil.sys which is taking too much of your precious SSD
space. I’ve said already that it take too much space ? Well, this file can become a gigantic pain
for your SSD. You’ve tried already to delete the file but you end up reading this article, that’s
Well, the thing is you can delete the file and I’m gonna show you how to achieve this goal.
My system is a Windows 7, but you can delete the hiberfil.sys on each system even if your system
is Windows 8, Windows Vista or even the worst – Windows 10.

If you have a lot of memory on your PC, the file will be bigger.

But what is hiberfil.sys ?

Windows itself has two modes of power management. First one is Sleep Mode, which maintain your PC
running in a lower power state. Restoring from this mode is almost instantly, and you can resume
your work asap without waiting for the entire boot process to finish. All your documents will be
exactly in the same state, all windows in the same place and so on.
The second one is Hibernate. This power state wrote to hard drive entire memory content when PC is
going to Hibernate. On this mode, you can take off the power entirely. When the power is back on,
you will have to wait a few seconds until the memory is filled with the previous content and you
can resume the work from where you left.

Hibernate Hiberfil.sys
The “culprit” for this file is hibernate mode. As you already know, if this file is managed by
Windows (and hiberfil.sys it is) you cannot JUST delete it.
If you’re sure you won’t use this mode (personally I recommend Sleep Mode instead of Hibernate),
you can disable it.


How to disable Hibernate in Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Press START button, type CMD but don’t press Enter, not yet. Right click on found CMD and select
“Run as Administrator”. When the window opens, type the following command:

powercfg -h off

Delete Hiberfil.Sys

When the prompt appear again, you can close that black and scary window.
Now, if you want to check, you should see that the Hibernate option doesn’t show up anymore in Shut Down menu.
Another thing, the hiberfil.sys disappeared too.

Disable Hiberfil.Sys

How to disable the Hibernate mode in Windows XP?

If you’re a dinosaur 🙂 , or just a simple XP lover, you should know that you can disable hibernation mode from XP much easier.

Disable Hiberfil.Sys windows xp
Just go to Control Panel and select Power Options and find the Hibernate tab. You can now uncheck the “Enable Hibernation” box and you’re done. Reboot the PC and you can delete the hiberfil.sys file.

How To Backup Your PC For Free

Free PC backup software may come in handy sometimes. Could be because of hardware failure, viruses or bugs, or human error. That’s why it is always a good idea to back up your PC regularly.

Worst case scenario – your photos, files, documents could be gone forever.

This is why we made a list of the best free PC backup software.

AOMEI Backupper Standard

AOMEI Backupper Standard is a backup tool that’s very easy to use and has many features such as: file sync, partition, dick cloning, disk or system image backups, easy browsing of your backup images and a bootable rescue disk in case of an emergency.

how to backup your pc for free, bootable, disk, drive, tools, how to, software, PC, AOMEI Backupper standard

You can also set the scheduler to run your backups automatically at any interval you choose: daily, weekly or on a certain day of the week, and so on.

EaseUS Todo Backup Free

EaseUS Todo Backup Free is like AOMEI Backupper standard but with extras.

how to backup your pc for free, bootable, disk, drive, tools, how to, software, PC, EaseUS Todo Backup

And by extras we mean: Smart Backup system – it checks the folders you select and backs up anything that has changed.

There is also support for saving anything to Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive.

Other extras include: pre-OS boot  – to recover backups without a disk, backup encryption, a Windows PE and a Linux rescue environment, network throttling to reduce performance impact.

Macrium Reflect Free

Macrium Reflect Free is not for your average PC user. File-based backups are not available. Image-only backups are available and the interface is not what you would call friendly or easy to use.

how to backup your pc for free, bootable, disk, drive, tools, how to, software, PC, Macrium Reflect Free

On the other hand, experienced users will find may features to like: compression, image>VHD conversion, in-depth control over how long backups are kept, differential imaging.

Select the “Differential Backup Set” and the program sets up a monthly full backup and a differential backup every day – backups can be set to match your requirements.


FBackup is a backup software with a focus on keeping everything as simple as possible.

how to backup your pc for free, bootable, disk, drive, tools, how to, software, PC, FBackup

With a couple of clicks you can backup key data as: Chrome and Firefox profiles, IE favorites, Outlook mail, pictures and documents.

The software simply copies your files from one location to the other. No compression or imaging tools are available.

There is no support for incremental or differential backups.


BackUp Maker

BackUp Maker is a simple file-based backup tool for everyone.

how to backup your pc for free, bootable, disk, drive, tools, how to, software, PC, Backup Maker

It has many features that can be useful for experienced users also, such as: ecryption, excluding files by size, password protection, send backup reports  by email, run backups when a USB device is plugged, backup to CD/DVD/Blu-Ray/FTP/FTPS and more.

Unfortunately, locked files can be backed up at an extra cost.

Areca Backup

Areca Backup software is targeted at the advanced users, offering expert-level options which include filtering by extension, folder, date, size, and regular expression, AES and AES256 ecryption, Zip and Zip64 support, backup to local or network drives, FT, FTPS or SFTP servers, and many more.

how to backup your pc for free, bootable, disk, drive, tools, how to, software, PC, Areca Backup

Areca Backup also has: delta backup technology which can save only the modified parts of files, and can also recover files by a specific date.

As with BackUp Maker, backup for locked files comes at a cost.

So if you’re an experienced user this is the tool for you.


Paragon Backup and Recovery

Paragon Backup and Recovery  is image-based only but lacks many features, reason being that it hasn’t been updated of a while now.

how to backup your pc for free, bootable, disk, drive, tools, how to, software, PC, Paragon Backup and Recovery

Still, this backup software has a save option to a “capsule”. Which means that your image will be saved in a secure area where it will be less likely to be lost if your partition is damaged.

A bootable rescue disk is also available.

QILING Disk Master Professional

Last but not least, the QILING Disk Master Professional is a backup tool that has more features than just about any other backup program.

how to backup your pc for free, bootable, disk, drive, tools, how to, software, PC, QILING Disk Master Professional

You get file and imaging backups, with full incremental – differential support, password protection, scheduling, compression and full or partial restoration from a Windows PE rescue disk or a pre-boot environment on your drive.

You also have the ability to clone a drive, to migrate your system, to create, format, delete or recover disk partitions and many more.

DNS, How it really work ?

How DNS work on the internet?

I’m sure you probably heard about DNS stuff if you visit this page. But if you wonder how the entire mechanism works, I will try to do my best to explain the entire mechanism behind the DNS factory 🙂

First you need to understand how the internet really work. Whenever you type an address, like google.com your computer will translate this address into a numeric address called by geeks IP ADDRESS. Don’t get scared, the IP address is like a phone number you used to call. I’m sure if you’ll be lost without your phone agenda, and you won’t be able to memorize the entire phone numbers stored there. DNS server is a phone agenda, and whenever you try to call a “name”, he will try to find the “phone number” behind that name.

It’s a smart technology but also a weak point of the Internet. DNSes gets exploited too often by hackers to drive traffic to a specific website. They simply needs to change the “phone number” and when computers start to ask for the phone number, they receive the new number put there by hackers.

Ok, if you got it by now you should know that you can use some public “phone books” (aka DNS servers). Some of them can even protect your computer from malware website, inappropriate content and so on. It’s good to use a public DNS, like google public DNS server.

How you can change the DNS from your computer ?

Well, that’s a simple task, really. Right click on your current internet connection from your task-bar and click on “Open Network and Sharing Center”.

Change DNS from windows

From there, click on “Change adapter settings”. A new window will be opened where you’re going to see your adapters (wifi, ethernet and so on).

Dns Adapter settings

Select the device you want to set and press the right click on your mouse. On the new menu select “Properties

Select Internet Protocol Version 4, and double click on it. Now you should see the image presented below:

DNS properties adapter settings

Click on “Use the following DNS server addresses” and use the servers listed there. When you’re done, just press ok and you’re good to go. Now you will use the google DNS’es. Really simple isn’t it ?

Get A Totally Free Prepaid Virtual Visa Card

What can you do when you are in a position to purchase something from the internet but you don’t feel comfortable sending your credit card number to the seller, even if it’s over the phone or fax machine ? What can you do when you want to acquire a service from a website that you don’t trust, but you really have to ? I’ve found the best way to do that, without disclosing your real credit card information.  It’s totally free of charge, but you are free to deposit the amount that you wish to spend online using a virtual prepaid credit card (visa card) and is globally accepted. Instead of it’s plastic form, it came as a picture (virtual prepaid card) and you can use it straight away.

Free Prepaird Visa Card

Service is provided by Entropay (which is something similar to PayPal – https://entropay.com ). You can open an Entropay account free of charge. Also, Entropay provides prepaid cards so you don’t have to worry about spending more than you have planned. All transactions are verified by VISA and you can see the entire spending reports online in your account.

Here are the steps to get your EntroPay account:

  1. Go to entropay.com
  2. Click on the register link
  3. Fill the form with your personal data, name, address, etc.
  4. Click the next button
  5. Page will ask details for funding your newly created account.
  6. Select pay by bank transfer at this step.
  7. Now, select the country and bank information
  8. Click the next button
  9. Now you have to activate your account by going into your email address provided on the registration form (step 3) and click on the activation link
  10. Click next.

And that’s it. From now on you can make private purchases, withdraw the funds from any ATM globally where VISA logo is displayed, shop online securely, etc.


How to speed up WordPress to the maximum

WordPress is undoubtedly one of the content management system (CMS) most used in the world. The reasons for the sucess are so many, in fact too many. Among these it is certainly the case to report the nature completely free service offered as well as the ability to download and install on their online space a viable solution to create a blog. With the passage of time and with the increase of the content on their online space may however happen to find yourself having to do with a blog is not so much performance as well as the beginning. If this is your case you do not have to worry though, I can explain how I do to speed up WordPress .

Attenendoti to the indications and measures that I am going to give you in fact you should be able to restore your WordPress blog to the “glories” of the past. No, do not worry, you will not have to do anything particularly complicated. All operations to speed up WordPress I want to suggest that you put in place are really very simple.

If you are so determined to find out how to speed up WordPress I suggest you sit back and concentrate on reading the following lines. I am sure that in the end you will be ready to thank me and that you will be also very happy with the final result obtained.


The first and most basic tip that I want to give you speed up WordPress is to reduce the use of bone plugin by installing and activating only those it deems are really necessary for your blog and for its management. In fact, a large number of plug-in function can lead to excessive loading of pages on your site.

I invite you therefore to carefully evaluate the installed plug that you feel really useful and delete those you no longer use.

To delete plugin in WordPress you simply login to your blog press on the itemPlugins placed in the coffin left side to bring the mouse cursor on the plugins you want to remove and click on the appropriate item for deletion.

Post pending review

Perhaps now it will seem obvious, but I bet it up to a moment ago there had still thought to speed up WordPress can also be useful to eliminate any possible post revision . Yes, between the perpetrators of the slowdown of your WordPress blog there too.

In fact, while not yet been published, the post under review are to use resources load equal to those of the articles and pages.

To delete posts in reviewing access your blog by logging in with your credentials, then presses on the item items placed in the sidebar to the left of the Web page that appears, click on the item Pending , brings the mouse cursor on the item to be deleted and click on the item to Trash when you move your mouse. Hopefully you trashing several elements simultaneously checking the box located to the side, bringing the mouse cursor on the menu Actions Group placed at the top and then clicking Move to Trash .

Having proceeded to wrap the items awaiting review in the trash do not forget to empty the latter. To do so you just type the item trashed attached to the items , select the item or items to be removed by checking the empty box placed at the side, click on the menu Action Group at the top and select the item Delete permanently


Like the post pending review also comments spam could degrade the performance of your blog. If you want to speed up WordPress so I suggest to delete spam comments on your blog.

To delete comment spam log into your WordPress blog, then presses the voicecomments placed on the left sidebar, and then presses the voice Spam  this up.

Proceed by putting a check mark in the checkbox located next to Author to the left in order to select all comments, click on the menu Action Group and then click on the item Delete permanently.


Also choose a hosting service suitable to those who have the skills and potential of your blog can help you speed up WordPress. To function properly WordPress does indeed need specific resources such as memory or processor on the server where it is hosted. In case of shared hosting it may be that these resources are not sufficient to be able to fulfill their purpose in a fluid.

If you choose a shared hosting and you’re going to speed up WordPress so I invite you to consider the idea of changing the service used.


The theme used is another very important element to which you should pay attention if your goal is to try to speed up WordPress as possible.

If you are using a theme too glitzy and elaborate strongly I suggest you to opt for another and to choose one of the many issues that have a framework. The issues with framework will enable to improve the overall speed of your Web project but also to obtain several improvements in terms of safety, have a good position in search engines and attract the attention of visitors.

I recommend, in trying to speed up WordPress choosing a better theme for your blog also pays attention to how often the developers of the resource of your choice undertake to update it.


The database is the “place” where it is stored everything about your blog. WordPress then uses the database to store messages, comments, pages, settings and plugin … in short, everything! However if the WordPress database is too full blog can be too slow. To speed up WordPress so I suggest you to optimize your blog database.

To optimize the database of your blog you can use the plugin WP-DBManager.

Download is complete charge and install the plugin on your WordPress blog from acting section Plugins latter.

Once installed WP-DBManager appear on your blog you will see the item Database in the side menu of WordPress. Pressing on it and immediately make a backup of your database by pressing the DB Backup.

A backup occurred proceed going to repair any damaged database tables. To do this operation you need to select the tables to be repaired and press Repair .Subsequently select all tables and then click the Optimize .


The use of the cache makes it possible to speed up WordPress because it allows visitors to access the content you offer immediately, preventing them from being asked every flies to the database.

To optimize the use of cache to speed up WordPress I suggest you resort to using the plugin W3 Total Cache , very simple and practical to use and extremely effective.

To download W3 Total Cache click here and then presses the button Download Version 0.xx .

Download is complete charge and install the plugin on your WordPress blog from acting section Plugins latter.


How to program a universal remote

Fed up, even more, of having to use multiple remotes every day in order to access and change channels on TV, start movie on the DVD player and pause the good old VCR you’ve finally decided: you bought a universal remote control, one of those ” gadgets “that can be used to operate a multitude of electronic devices in the home, the TV in the first place. I must say, you have definitely made ​​the best choice.However, if you end up on this guide it is most likely because you’re having some minor problems with your new purchase. As you say? You do not know how toprogram a universal remote ? here, in fact. Well, then do not worry … I can help you!

I know, when you do not know where to put your hands and you feel it’s all very complicated, but believe me, programmed universal remote is actually a real breeze. Operations that must make to be able to program the universal remote are in fact extremely simple and take away only a little, in fact very little free time.

If your intention is therefore to find out what you have to do to be able to program a universal remote I suggest you take a few moments for you and concentrate on reading this guide. I am sure that after all you will be ready to give me right that program universal remote really was a no brainer.

Assuming that depending on the make and model of universal remote at your disposal the methods by which tune can change know that I will try to be as precise as possible and to provide clear guidance and comprehensive.

According to those who are your preferences and based on what you own keep in mind that universal remote controls can be configured in three ways: by entering them in the code associated with the TV, the decoder or device to be controlled, trying recognition Automatic unit or via a computer connection.

Programmed universal remote control via codes

If you want to program a universal remote control and prefer to do this by entering the proper codes you must first find the one best suited to the device you have.

To find the correct code to be able to associate the use of the universal remote control to your TV, set-top box or other device you can try to give a look at the pages of any book this leaflet in the sales package of the device.

Alternatively you can try to find the code for programming a universal remote starting the Web browser that most want on your computer and connecting to the Web site of the manufacturer of the remote control.

When displayed on the Web site uses the search field typically placed in the upper part of the same, enter the model name of your remote control, presses Enter on the keyboard, click on the search result that you think matches the device you have and the new page displayed identifies the section on how you can leverage with the remote control. It then identifies the code referring to your device.

At this point turn on the device for which you want to program a universal remote, grab the remote control and then awards and continues to hold the TV was on the same. Once that is done, the LED on the remote control will turn on and stay on.

Continuing to hold the TV type in the code that you have previously retrieved. As you type the code, the LED will turn off and then turn on again once inserted the last digit.

Now release the button TV . If you entered the code correctly, the LED will continue to flash for a few seconds then goes out. If you’ve entered the code correctly, the LED will flash four times and you will have to repeat the procedure taking care this time to enter the correct code.

After entering the code correctly you may perform any operation by remote control on the device to which you associate the latter. If you choose to program a universal remote control for use with the TV test, for example, to change channels.If everything goes the right way congratulations, you are successful in the enterprise. Otherwise I suggest you to repeat the whole procedure.

Please also note that for some remote control buttons to be pressed at the time of the approval procedure may be different from what I have already indicated. If the procedure that I have suggested to make to program universal remote control is ineffective, you can try pressing the key combination in September + TV (or the key for the device to be stored, for example,  SAT , VCR , etc.) or Power + Muteon the remote control, enter the code of the device to tune and save the settings by pressing the Power .


Programmed universal remote control through automatic recognition

Alternatively the procedure that allows you to program the universal remote via codes you can, in some cases, do one procedure of automatic recognition.

If you want groped the way of automatic recognition switch on the device to which you want to assign the remote control and then hold down simultaneously buttons acensione and one for the device on the remote until the LED turns on and stays on.

Subsequently press the Play every five seconds until the device turns off.

Now press the Rewind or Reverse to see if you log on or off the device to which you are associating the remote control. If not turn wait a while and then again presses the buttons that you have indicated.

To access device press and hold the button Stop until the light on the remote control turns off.


Hack any paid WiFi hotspot from Windows

Well, it’s not nice to do that, but you should know it can easily be done even from Windows, not only from linux or other operating systems. First you should know what MAC is in order to understand the entire process.

MAC or Media Access Control is a unique (if your network card is not made in China, or on a ship from China, that’s other story) identifier assigned to network interface for communications on the physical network segment. Basically it’s a form of identification between your computer and the first access point, or router.

What you’re going to do next is more like spoofing an address and access the network using someone else access to that network. Most of the paid WiFi hotspots (or even paid hotel hotspots) are based on MAC address filtering which can be easily bypassed. Even you can Hack any paid WiFi hotspot from Windows

Step 1: Find and connect to the network

Even if you didn’t paid you can connect to the paid network. You don’t have to open any browser or start browsing at this moment, just select and connect to the designated network (target).

Now, go to start and type CMD. Press enter.

On the black window (yes, it’s called command prompt) type arp -a

You should see a bunch of other computers from that network. We are most interested in their MAC address listed there. Just copy a few (or all) in a notepad file.

Wifi Hack Windows 7


Step 2: Spoof the MAC Address on your Network Card

First, open the Device Manager. On Windows 8.1, press Windows Key + X and click Device Manager. On Windows 7, press the Windows key, type “Device Manager” to search for it, and click Device Manager. Now you should find the Network Adapters, locate the wifi card and right click on it. Press the properties.

WiFi Hack Windows 7/8

Click the Advanced tab and select Network Address in the list. Your network driver doesn’t support this feature if the option isn’t here.

Mac Address Cloning on windows WiFi

Now, enter the data from your notepad, without dashes or spaces. You should get 12 alphanumeric code after your eliminate the spaces or dots. Place the code on the “Value” input.

Step 3: Enjoy the internet

When you will press ok, you should be able to open a browser and enjoy the free internet. This is also working on paid internet from hotels, bars, train stations or other paid networks you may encounter.