Canon 250 Megapixels

Canon reaching 250 megapixels

The European division of Canon has developed a prototype of a CMOS sensor in APS-H size smaller than one frame of an old 35mm film, but able to record a resolution of 250 megapixels . Since records are also videos produced by the same prototype, with a resolution of 30 times the size of 4K.

In the press release which announced that it has reached this goal, Canon indicates an impressive goal reached with this technology: a plane in flight more than 18 kilometers away has been taken up sharply from the prototype , with the writing on the sidewall of the fuselage perfectly legible on the final image. This result goes along with the technical innovations required to manage huge amounts of data produced in sensor output: 250 megapixel files to be transformed into a mean thousands and thousands of points to process and convert, and Canon claims to be able to reach about 1.25 billion pixels per second in read-out . This is equivalent in practical terms at a speed “burst” maximum of 5 frames per second (fps), a remarkable figure view of the resolutions in the game, which includes signal processors of a certain power to be able to be achieved.

More interesting would be to discover how Canon has managed to put together a storage device adapted to receive and accommodate the flow of data: a file produced by this sensor is expected to reach about 300 to 350 megabytes in size, and write about 5 per second exceeds the capacity in writing vast majority of media available today . Certainly not enough memory SD or Compact Flash as the ones used on cameras today, which for now can handle a maximum flow 4K video or take pictures of the sensors on the market of up to 50 megapixels as 5Ds on the same Canon and 42 megapixels for Sony A7rII. Canon is cautious on possible future applications of this technology: there are no predictions on entry into the market of such type of product , the utility of which of course could be particularly appreciated by professional photographers, but that could also it is used in other commercial and industrial applications where the maximum achievable detail could be a benefit not just to ensure the quality of products and the efficiency of production lines. At the time, the line closest seem to a new 120-megapixel camera that could be announced in the near term.

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